About Us

Vintec Computer Education is extremely welcoming and friendly place to study. Our basic aim to help students fulfill their intellectual and personal potentials. We offer wide range of choices of study at various levels of catering to cross-section of students of different academic backgrounds.

Our institute provides guidance and advises the students while selecting their optional or choosing as their career option.

Apart from enriching knowledge and skill in the chosen diVintec Computer Educationpline, the institute is greatly concerned with building a positive approach and a set of values which would not only help you in the exam but also as a person and professional throughout your life.

Apart from the interactive classroom learning, our Professional and highly qualified faculty provides different innovative methods and a healthy learning environment.

A concept of Guidance Mentors (GMs) is followed in this institute- it is the principle of friend, philosopher and guide. The GM is to monitor the academic progression & personal development.

The peer pressure, time management and performance are the several issues that are developed simultaneously. The interactive platform significantly enhances the introspective and problem-solving abilities of the students to lead them towards greater self-reliance in learning process.

The exclusive aspect of the institute is alumni association. It plays significant role in enhancing and motivating the students. This association provides an effective forum for its members to exchange views regarding the preparation in academy and thereafter.

Under the arena of the institute, the association works to generate awareness among the students by organizing guest lectures, panel discussions, conferences and workshops from time to time.

As the provider of all the identified ends, this institute is your sole ultimate

  • to attain scholastic, quizzical approach of coherence
  • to remunerate your potentialities and capabilities
  • to overcome your predicament and scepticism
  • to collate your cognizance dexterously
  • to prehensile splendid success
  • to prehensile splendid success
  • to metabolize your confidence

Vintec Computer Education is your sole ultimate

We help students explore the most fundamental areas of knowledge

Since its inception, the institution has come a long way in promoting Competition aspirants to climb the ladder of success. It is committed to explore the most fundamental areas of knowledge, which helps student solve the most difficult of the questions in the chosen diVintec Computer Educationpline.

We develop the interdiVintec Computer Educationplinary skills of the students

The institute's general stress is on the development of interdiVintec Computer Educationplinary skill. The unique approach of learning prepares the aspirants for the challenges of the exams.

We follow an analytical approach

Vintec Computer Education 's squad equips you to grab the required lineage to excel in the examination by following the analytical approach.

Vintec Computer Education Perfection in deffrent fields

DOEACC ('O' Level, 'A' Level, CCC, BCC
B.Sc. / M.Sc.
English Speaking

Direction by Founders at Vintec Computer Education

Hazi Mahtab Ahmad Ansari
Aysha Ansari

Shashi Maurya and Ravi Srivastava were Aptitude Trainers in one of the leading Engineering College for 3 years and both have a total Experience of 7 years in Teaching. Both are faculty of their specialized subjects (Reasoning and Math) so they teach with unique methods and also understand what are the needs of students and take care of those needs and because they teach in different locations as Delhi, Ghazipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi. They have observed the needs of the students and thus they help Students move in the Right Direction. They have helped groom aspirants in the attainment of their cherished endeavors.